Q. Once I've auditioned for the current season, can I audition again in January to move up to the next ensemble?

A. Once a student has been placed in an ensemble, he/she must remain in that ensemble for the entire year.


Q. When and where are CYSO's rehearsals held?

A. Most rehearsals are held on Thursdays, For rehearsal information specific to your ensemble, please refer to the Members page on this site. Click on the CYSO Calendar link, then on the upcoming rehearsal date. In the window that appears, click on More Details. Once there, all rehearsal times will be shown.


Q. How many concerts does each ensemble perform each season?

A. Most perform three major concerts per season.


Q. What should I do if I can't make rehearsal due to illness or an emergency?

A. If you need to miss practice due to an illness or emergency, please send an email to your ensemble manager. If it's on the day of rehearsal, email your ensemble manager and also call 443-758-3157.


Q. If I have a school music requirement the day of a CYSO rehearsal or concert, what takes precedence?

A. The school music requirement comes first, however ensemble managers must be notified as soon as you are aware of a scheduling conflict.


Q. Can I invite guests to rehearsal?

A. All CYSO members are encouraged to bring along a friend (with instrument), to a rehearsal, who may be interested in joining CYSO. Please notify your ensemble manager if you plan to bring someone, so they may have music available.


Q. What should I bring to rehearsal?

A. A rested musician, instrument, music and music stand, bottled water, and a snack (however no peanuts or peanut products because of allergies).


Q. Where should drop-offs/pick-ups/parking occur at Bates Middle School?

A. For Tuesday rehearsals, upon arrival at the school, please follow Chase St to Chase Ave, and turn right. At the bottom of the hill, turn right again into the parking lot behind the school. Entry/exit will be through the single door at the far end of the parking lot. For Thursday rehearsals, only the conductors and those with large instruments may enter at the rear of the school. All others must enter at the front of the school, through the door to the right of the main entrance.  Parking at the front of the school is generally available in the large lot near the gym entrance.  Parents, please be prompt in picking up at the end of the scheduled rehearsal.  Please note that these instructions are subject to change at times based on school events - please watch for any updates in the weekly emails from the Executive Director or your Ensemble Managers.   A final note - upon entry into the school, please proceed directly to the room assigned to your rehearsal group.

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