CYSO returns to Carnegie Hall, November 30th

The CYSO Symphony Orchestra and Flute Ensembles are invited back again this year to be featured on stage in “Christmas with Tim Janis and Special Guests”. This year's headline personalities will be special guests Adam JacobsAbigail SpencerKatie BoeckMáiréad NesbittNathan PachecoAlex BoyePaul Greene, and Cindy Cruse Ratcliff. Additional performers include Reilly Anspaugh, Tom RhoadsAliva ClarkDevlin StarkAmy Petty,Broadway Youth EnsembleNu SoulChesapeake Youth Symphony Orchestra, and the Music of Hope Choir. Proceeds benefit Kate Winslet’s Golden Hat Foundation. Past celebrities for this event have been the likes of Sir James Gallway and Jackie Evancho. For ticket to this event visit Carnegie Hall tickets

Read more about Tim Janis and his benefit concerts here

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