How long does the audition take? 

The audition takes approximately 30 minutes from arrival to departure, although only 10 minutes of that is in the audition with the judges. 

Who will the judges be? 

The CYSO conductors will listen to students applying to the different groups.

I have never auditioned before, what should I expect?

An audition is much like a lesson with your teacher. You will be asked to play the music you have prepared and the judges may even ask you a few questions about yourself and the music you play.

How do I know the group to audition for? 

Look at your current music and see if it has a music level grade on it. You can also speak to your teacher and you can reference the music link on the web site. Then match that grade level to the ensemble you audition for.

How do I know what solo music to play?

It is suggested that you perform a piece that you are comfortable with, or one that you have been working on with your teacher. Try to choose a piece that is the hardest you can perform well. Always consult with your private teacher about the piece. Do not play a piece that is too difficult or that you have just started on. If you are auditioning for Wind Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, String, Concert, or Symphony Orchestras, sight reading will be required.

Do I need to memorize my solo piece?

It is not required to have memorized your music.

Do I need to bring a copy of my solo piece with me for the adjudicator?

Yes. If a copy is not available, a piano part or a score of the piece will suffice.

What should I wear to the audition?

It is considered appropriate to wear nice casual attire and to present yourself in a professional manner.

If I am not accepted into the ensemble that I audition for, will I be considered for other ensembles?

In most cases a player will be offered a position in an appropriate ensemble if a position is available.