Thank you to our volunteers!

Thank you!

Our volunteers are the glue between all the seams. We are extremely grateful to all who offer their time and talents to support the students at CYSO.

CYSO is administered by our Music Director and Executive Director, with the able assistance of many volunteers who fill vital roles for us. We thank all of you who have volunteered in the past - your help has meant so much to the health and functionality of our organization.

We also thank those of you who remain active in our many administrative roles and board positions. Your continued involvement means that we can offer our young musicians an outstanding program again this year. We especially thank our Ensemble Managers who work closely with our conductors and students all season. Their diligence is key to our rehearsals running smoothly each week.

At the start of each new season we ask parents to fill any vacancies we have in our week-to-week operations and fundraising roles so we can operate efficiently again this year. Volunteering for CYSO is a great opportunity to do something that is fun, meaningful, and gets you close to the action! Please watch for the signup link provided in the weekly newsletter at the start of the season.

Ways to help

Occasional Volunteering

Perform tasks such as music scanning, preparing the Euterpe for mailing, tracking fundraising orders, collecting items for our silent auction, collecting ads for our concert programs, preparing concert programs, assisting with rehearsal and concert setup/teardown, selling Gala tickets, organizing fundraisers, etc.

Check in at the Parents lounge during rehearsal to see if any volunteering is needed, and watch for announcements in the weekly newsletter.

Scheduled volunteering

Each week we must cover several door-monitor and help-desk shifts. Please consider volunteering during your child’s rehearsal time.

Door monitor volunteer shifts

Thursday 1st shift: 5:00–7:00 PM , we need 1 person

Thursday 2nd shift: 7:00–9:00 PM, we need 1 person

  • CHAMBER ORCHESTRA parents - 1st shift Thursdays in December and April

  • SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA parents - 2nd shift Thursdays in November, February and May

  • CONCERT ORCHESTRA parents - 2nd shift Thursdays in October, January and March

  • STRING ORCHESTRA parents - 1st shift Thursdays in November and March

  • PREPARATORY ORCHESTRA parents - 1st shift Thursdays in January and May

  • WIND ENSEMBLE parents - 1st shift Thursdays in October and February

  • JAZZ ENSEMBLE parents - all Tuesdays

  • SENIOR FLUTE ENSEMBLE parents - 1st shift Thursdays in December and April

  • JUNIOR FLUTE ENSEMBLE parents - 2nd shift Thursdays in December and April

Rehearsal help desk volunteer shifts

Thursday 1st shift: 5–7:00 PM, we need 1 person

Thursday 2nd shift: 7:00–8:30 PM, we need 1 person

Transporting Equipment

Six people are needed to move equipment from the lower level to the cafeteria from 5:00-5:20, and to help Gail Vehslage unload her car for the Flute Ensemble rehearsal. Four people are needed at the end of the evening, 9pm to assist with moving equipment from the cafeteria down stairs to the storeroom and hall.


Ensemble Volunteer Staff

Katie Williams & Chris Williams, Chamber Orchestra Manager

Katie & Chris Williams & Vacant, Symphony Orchestra Managers

Jackie Lavigne & Cameo Sherman, Concert Orchestra Managers

Ken Berlack & Kathy Kennedy, String Orchestra Managers

Corie Jones and Petra Bradley, Preparatory Orchestra Managers

Sandie Heinicke and Lisa Davisson, Wind Ensemble Managers

Becky Hagee, Senior Flute Ensemble Managers

Amanda Vehslage, Junior Flute Ensemble Managers

Emily Tevault and Heather Zivkovich, Jazz Ensemble Manager

* Also seeking volunteers for the Board of Directors - contact the Executive Director if interested.


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