Schedule Overview

Tuesday nights

Jazz Ensemble, Band Room, 7-8:30

CYSO Chamber & Symphony *, Cafeteria, 6:30-8:30 (subject to change)

*designated nights only


No rehearsals for 2018-2019

Tuesday, October 23, Tuesday, November 6, Thursday, November 22, Tuesday, December 25 & Thursday, December 27, Tuesday, January 1, Thursday, January 31, Tuesday, March 5, Thursday, April 18  due to AACPS School closings

Thursday Nights

Wind Ensemble, Rm 005, 5:30-7

Preparatory Orchestra, Rm 003, 5:30-7

String Orchestra, Rm 112, 5:30-7

Senior Flute Ensemble, Rm 004, 5:30-7

Junior Flute Ensemble, Rm 004, 7-8:30

Concert Orchestra, Rm 001, 6:30-9

Chamber Orchestra, Cafeteria, 5:30-6:30

Symphony Orchestra, Cafeteria, 6:30-9:00

Parent Volunteers, Rm 003A, 5-9

Inclement Weather policy, please visit the CYSO Policies under the Student Portal

Board Meetings

Board Meeting, typically the third Tuesday of each month, Teachers Lounge*, Main floor, 6:30-8:30

*room assignment is subject to change


(subject to change)

CYSO Office

Maryland Hall

801 Chase Street Room 103A

Annapolis, MD 21401



Bates Middle School

701 Chase Street

Annapolis, MD 21401


Concert Venues

St Johns College Key Auditorium (SJC)

60 College Avenue

Annapolis, MD 21401

Annapolis Area Christian School (AACS)

109 Burns Crossing Road

Severn, MD 21144


Use of Bates Middle School

Bates Middle School has graciously donated the use of their building to CYSO for rehearsals as a very special in-kind donation. They have given us instructions for parking, hours for CYSO occupancy, security requirements, and designated areas for food consumption. Please help us remain in good standing by following their rules and treating this building and the school staff with the utmost respect


Welcome to Wiley H. Bates Middle School 2017-18

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Wiley H. Bates Middle School I would like to welcome you to the 2017-18 music calendar year. As part of the Bates family, it is our honor and pleasure to help you as your child grows artistically with the CYSO program. Wiley H. Bates Middle School now has approximately 700 students in grades 6, 7, and 8. We also have approximately 120 staff and faculty members. We continue to be both a neighborhood school and partial arts magnet for the visual and performing arts, drawing from our four feeder elementary schools and beyond. As “One Bates” all students participate in arts integration activities as we use art standards and skills to teach content subject areas. A particular warm welcome to any new members of the CYSO. The share of the Bates building with CYSO is rooted in the common mission to promote the arts.

As you or your child use the building I want to give you several reminders about being good guests:

  • Please use the main circle by the flagpole for your drop-off point (and not the back of the building).

  • If you as an adult are staying to help with the program please use the gym parking lot. Do not park curbside by the front of the building as this is a designated fire lane.

  • CYSO will have adults checking students in the building front entrance as part of safety and security guidelines.

  • Please recognize that the students and leaders are using regular teachers’ classrooms and should respond showing due respect of cleanliness and positive behaviors. Students should help instructors return furniture to its appropriate location in the classroom.

  • Custodians need to continue to clean the building in the evening so students should be only in their assigned area and supervised at all times. 

Sometimes there a shared space needs for the school and for CYSO at the same time. If an event is considered large there may be some unexpected cancellations if appropriate.

Thanks for everyone’s cooperation as the vision of promoting the arts is realized by both Bates Middle School and by CYSO.

Mr. DeRoo, Principal

Parking and building use logistics and regulations


  • Please plan to drop students off at least 15 minutes before their rehearsal time. This extra time is necessary for unpacking and tuning instruments so that rehearsals can begin promptly.

  • The earliest students can enter the building is 5PM. Students must enter the building at the front; no entrance will be permitted at the back of the building. Parents may drop off and pick students up in the bus circle, so please no parking along the curb or in the designated reserved spaces in the bus circle. Also, adults should accompany younger students when they enter and exit the building.

  • All students should wait inside the building immediately after their rehearsal ends until they are picked up. Parents please be on time to pick up your children, everyone must leave the building by 9:30PM.


The parking lot at the front of the school accessed off Chase Street is our designated parking lot; no parking will be allowed in the lot behind the school.

  • Parents may pick-up and drop-off musicians in the bus circle directly in front of the school; no parking is permitted along the curb and in reserved spaces in the bus circle.

  • Please note that the school may ask police to ticket violators.


  • Tuesday, the entrance will be through the back of the school. We can enter through the single door at the far left end of the building. This door is for entrance by conductors, executive director and musicians who have rehearse in the lower level.

  • On Thursdays only, the entrance will be through the front of the school through the door located to the right of the bank of main entrance doors. Go upstairs to the main floor if you are rehearsing in the cafeteria or a classroom nearby. Go downstairs to the ground level to find most of the classrooms we use during rehearsals.

  • We are asking parents to volunteer to monitor our designated entry door during rehearsals. For the safely of all students Bates has stipulated that these doors are to be kept locked at all times to prevent unauthorized entry. If a parent volunteer is not at the door when you arrive, please be patient and someone will let you and your children in as soon as possible.


  • On the main floor, we have permission to use the cafeteria and the classrooms across from it, as well as to use the elevator to move chairs and equipment. We are not allowed anywhere else on the main floor or on the floor above it. Adult supervision is required at all times for any space that is occupied by students.

  • On the ground floor, we are only permitted to use the bathrooms immediately across from the stairwell and the classrooms located beyond the double doors.

  • The only exception is for students attending Flute & Wind Ensemble rehearsals on Thursday nights, who are allowed past the bathrooms to get to their rehearsal classroom.


We are asking parents to volunteer at the Rehearsal Help Desk to help keep rehearsals running smoothly. The Help Desk is where you can go to ask questions, pickup or drop off payments and forms, purchase snacks and water, and log your volunteer hours. It is located in the hallway on the ground floor just outside Classroom 002. Please note that all snack profits go towards providing conductors with small gifts at the end of the season.


  • Students are allowed to eat in the ground-floor hallway and in the cafeteria on the main floor. No food is allowed in any classroom. The only drink that students are permitted to have in the school is water.

  • Parents are welcome to wait in Classroom 002 located directly behind the Rehearsal Help Desk. Please note that there are occasions when this room is needed for other purposes such as auditions and will therefore not be available for parents. We apologize for the inconvenience.