Concerto Competition

CYSO Musicians are invited to participate in the annual Concerto Competition.

For details about the current season's competition dates and deadlines, please follow this link. 

General Information

The competition will be limited to 25 musicians and there will be four possible winners of the Concerto Competition, selected by guest judges.

  • The first place winner will perform one movement of a concerto with the Mid-Atlantic Symphony in the spring

  • Three additional winners will play with the CYSO Chamber Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra and Concert Orchestra on the Finale Concert in May 2020

Applications and all supporting material must be submitted to the Executive Director for approval by the Music Director by the application deadline. Upon acceptance by the Music Director the entrant will be provided a scheduled performance slot. The winners must be current members in good standing of CYSO, and must continue membership for the remainder of the current season.


Competition Requirements

Applicants must be current members in good standing with the Chamber Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Senior Flute Ensemble or Jazz Ensemble.

Applicants must prepare a full movement of a major concerto or work with orchestral accompaniment from the standard repertoire that best represents their ability. The Music Director will approve the music selected (based on instrumentation and availability of scores and parts, etc.)

Applicants will be responsible for choosing their own accompanist and scheduling any rehearsals with them. The accompanist's name and contact information is required on the application. 

ACCOMPANISTS suggested for the CYSO Concert Competition

The following names are provided as a courtesy and do not represent a recommendation or endorsement by the Chesapeake Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Deborah Allen (410) 381-0133
Dan Hoffner (410) 465-0104
David Holmes (410) 730-7083
Li-Tan Hsu (443) 415-2077
Lois Hunter (410) 461-4094
Lum Fun Lee (410) 461-6207, (443) 420-1054 (work)
Sue Pumplin (410) 730-6306,
Susan Ricker (410) 744-1184
Celeste Rusconi (410) 531-9445
Phyllis Stanley (410) 992-9373
Kathy Vadala (301) 422-0362
Michael Sheppard (443) 956-2846
Lura Johnson (410) 370-1306
Ahn He O’Jean (832) 474-5637,
Carolene Winter (410) 757-7552
Erik Apland (443) 994-5171
Diane Kinsley (410) 757-2071
Laurie Hays (410) 271-2937,
William Bloomquist (443) 623-8699,
Sarah Crandall (410) 703-6485
Adriana Schueckler (410) 863-5857,
Hsiao-Ying Lin
Lixia Li
Hui-Chuan Chen (410) 409-6557,
Ariel Dechosa
Susan Ricci-Rogel
Yi Yuan

Please note that you may choose an accompanist not listed above we will just need to have their name and contact information on your application at the time it is turned in.

Applicants must provide jurors copies of both the solo piece and of the piano score. (online option here; for paper submissions, please make two copies of the solo part.)

A chosen winner may not request a change in the concerto piece chosen; the music director may however request a change if deemed necessary due to instrumentation, availability of score, or season program for the orchestra.

No previous 1st place winner may be selected in two consecutive years as winner.

Competition Format

The competition is open to all orchestral instruments. Due to space at the MSO Venue, a musician who competes on piano will not be able to receive the first place position as the venues used do not allow space for a piano.

Musicians must compete on the instrument they play in the CYSO.

The winner must be present for ALL rehearsals related to the performance of the concerto.

There may be four winners as described above, and the decision of the jurors is final.

The Concerto Competition will be open to a public audience.

The jury may choose to award NO prize if they deem none of the participants meets the standards of the jury.

In the event the winner is unable to perform or meet the obligations of the contest, the jury may appoint an alternate or declare no winner for the competition.

Dress code


LADIES: Formal black long sleeved or ¾ length sleeved top and ankle length skirt, dress or dressy pants. Black stockings/black shoes. 
GENTLEMEN: Black tuxedo or black suit with shirt and black bow tie. Black socks and black shoes. 


LADIES: Formal gown, of performer’s choice. 
GENTLEMEN: Black tuxedo or black suit with shirt and black bow tie. Black socks and black shoes.