Carnegie Hall 2017

Carnegie Hall Information for 2017

We have been trying to work out the details of the Carnegie Hall trip to support Sibylle Szaggars Redford's charity. This is a unique opportunity for CYSO and consequently it may not be done in the future. Although we have been invited for the second year in a row, there is no guarantee it will continue.

Next week we will begin collecting money for the Carnegie Hall trip. We are working to keep the cost down. The student's fee will be more since we need to help cover the cost of coaches, professional ringers, instrument rentals and fees associated with the trip. In a effort to make the trip more affordable for parents their costs are lower. Remember this year the cost went up due to the extra night at the hotel and bus/driver rental. Also this year if your student does not travel on the bus there will be still be a fee of $200 per student to cover CYSO Carnegie expenses.

CYSO Students

CYSO musicians are $400 (2 nights, 2 breakfasts, transportation to and from NY and travel within NYC)

CYSO musicians traveling on their own (no bus or hotel) will need to pay $200 Carnegie Participation Fee

Family members/Friends

Non-musicians are $290 based on double occupancy (2 nights, 2 breakfasts, transportation to and from NY and within NYC)
For a single room it is an additional $65 a night times 2 nights for a total of $420

Meals will be purchased separately by the students and parents. There are plenty of nearby restaurants. The CYSO kids are in quads, so you cannot room with your child unless you have your own room and then they may join you. However most of the students enjoy being together. We do however need chaperones. Please contact me if you are willing to chaperone.

Our price is a package deal so we unfortunately we do not have any flexibility regarding the price for one way, rooms and no bus, or bus with no rooms. You are welcome to take the bus one way or use any part of it but it cost the same ($400 a student and $290 a chaperone in a double room). Hopefully we will have enough people for two buses. If not chaperones have first priority.

I can assure you that this opportunity promises to be a wonderful experience for both students and parents. Last year was amazing for all. Note: Carnegie Hall does not allow photography or videos during the show, so the only way to see it is to attend this event.

Rehearsal on Thursday will also be in Newark--the address will be forthcoming when we receive it. We will depart around 1 or 2pm on Thursday afternoon. We are planning to rent basses, percussion, and a harp in NYC. We do not know if we will have these instruments on Thursday at the Newark rehearsal. As we learn the details we promise to keep you informed. We will do all we can to make this an incredible experience for everyone. Rehearsal on Friday will be at Carnegie Hall. If it's anything like last year, the performance will be spectacular.

Please send a check in with your student next Tuesday or Thursday to reserve a spot. We have a fast approaching deadline to reserve the buses and hotel.

Note anyone attending the performance will need a ticket. Tickets will be 30% off starting Friday through Monday 23 Oct. After this deadline, they will be full price. You should have already received an email from the managers with this information.

I know some of the parents have voiced concerns as to whether their child will be going to Carnegie Hall. Maestro Benichou would like to take everyone. So it is up to your student to practice hard.

Please look for a form along with permission slips sent out before Tuesday's rehearsal. Please enclose your check and all the form in an envelope. If there are any questions please contact the Symphony managers, Linda, or myself via email.

Julie Nolan

Tour Forms

Please download and fill out these forms before Thursday, October 26, 2017