Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble Audition Requirements

  • Solo work of the student’s choice, an excerpt about 1-2 minutes in length - grade 5-6 recommended. Please bring a copy of the piece to the adjudicators at the time of audition. 
  • Scales and arpeggios 
  • Sight-reading may be required 

Scale Requirements

  • Blues scales in F, Bb, C, and G (concert pitch)
  • Improvisation played over blues changes, key of C, F, or Bb)

Rhythm Section Requirements

Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Vibraphone:

Blues changes, key of Bb: One 12-bar chorus in the styles and tempi listed below.

  • Swing mm- 120
  • Swing mm- 220
  • Bossa Nova mm- 100
  • Samba mm- 200

Drum Set:

12 bars of time in the following styles and tempi followed by a 4 bar solo in that style.

  • Swing mm-120
  • Swing mm- 220
  • Bossa Nova mm-100
  • Samba mm- 200