Preparatory Orchestra

Preparatory Orchestra Audition Requirements

Solo piece 

  • Grade 1-2 music recommended.
  • Please bring a copy of the piece to the adjudicators at time of audition. 

Scales and Arpeggios

  • Students will be asked to play scales and arpeggios from memory. 
  • Scales can be played at a moderate tempo slurring two notes per bow. 
  • Arpeggios (tonic) can be played slurring three notes per bow.
  • All scales are in major mode only.


  • D, A (1 octave)
  • G (2 octaves)


  • D, G, (1 octave)
  • C (2 octaves)


  • D, G, (1 octave)
  • C (2 octaves)


  • G, D (1 octave)