Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble Audition Requirements

  • Solo work of the student’s choice, an excerpt about 1-2 minutes in length - grade 2-3 recommended. Please bring a copy of the piece to the adjudicators at the time of audition. 
  • Scales and arpeggios 
  • Sight-reading will be required 

Scale Requirements

All others: Major 1 octave: concert F, Bb Eb,  Chromatic start on any pitch

Mallet instruments: Major 1 octave: concert F, Bb, Eb Ab

Rhythm Section Requirements

Students should prepare a selection on snare drum

FF and pp drum rolls, as well as a single roll which begins pp, crescendos to FF and diminuendo to pp over 10 seconds


  • timpani and mallet percussion play a piece which best displays your ability on the instrument
  • Presentation on all three instruments are not required to audition